but really Peniel yelling babY ITS TIME TO WAKE UP WAKKKKEEE UPPPPPP is the best alarm ever 

Peniel’s wake-up call

new alarm tone 

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Ryan’s response to the paparazzi

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Ri-Ri isn’t scared of Katy Perry’s roaring
Queen B’s going back to the drawing
Lorde smells blood, yeah, she’s about to slay you
Kid ain’t one to fuck with when she’s only on her debut

We’re all watching Gaga, L-O-L-O, haha
Dying for the art, so really she’s a martyr
The second best will never cut it for the divas
Give me that crown, bitch, I wanna be Sheezus

i love looking like CNU from B1A4 because I can set his pictures as my displays and instantly I am 14x hotter yet only 10% of people catch me in my lies. 

To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:

Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you: you’re a goof 

also: also started singing HSM lol

what: i don’t even know what is happening right now 

when: when they gave it to me i laugh cried for an hour 

why: why did i no bye lololololololololollolololollololl

how: how to be the hottest fuck on the planet 

look: look at these cute fuckers 

because: emotional post that i am making because well tumblr is ze place for ze emotionz

never: bet youd thought youd never see me again 

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does anyone want to casually take me to a beyonce concert or to shanghai because i am the sad right now because life is meaningless without fun and right now there is no fun around me because feel like i am black_sorrow_rose91@hotmail.com right nao. 

i seriously love reading my old books of “the truth” than anything else oh my god i love myself. 

the pussycat dolls workout DVD: changing lives and toning asses one squat at a time

the pussycat dolls workout DVD: changing lives and toning asses one squat at a time

Fast fact: I used to religiously write in a journal/diary as a kid, but when I started high school I instead wrote in a book titled “The Truth”. Here, I write letters to people who are never meant to receive and read them. To this day, I write 1-3 letters a day to various people, which has resulted in over five full books of “The Truth”.

So; if you know me in real life, odds are there are a dozen letters I’ve written for you but you’ll never read.